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With its population of 1.36 billion, China has become the second-largest exporter of tourists.

Russia, now the fifth-largest outbound market, increased travel spending by 26 percent.

Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Palace flank this historic public square, and an imposing Mexican flag, raised and lowered daily, waves over the scene.

Annual Visitors: 50,000,000 Tourists flock to New York’s neon heart for the flashing lights, Broadway shows, megastores, and sheer spectacle—including costumed characters eager to pose for photo ops.

Annual Visitors: 30,000,000 Tokyo’s oldest temple was dedicated to the Bodhisattva Kannon, the most compassionate Buddha, in 628.

Dramatic nighttime illumination highlights vermilion and crimson detailing in the Five-Storied Pagoda.

Like it or not, theme parks clearly have worldwide appeal.

France’s Disneyland Park draws about the same number of visitors (10.5 million) as Sacré Coeur, and four of the world’s 20 most-visited tourist attractions are Disney parks.

It hosts military parades, cultural and political events, concerts, exhibitions, fairs, and public art installations.

1742) made the cut, but not Minnesota’s Mall of America, which, with 40 million annual visitors, would otherwise have tied for No. Short walkways and plazas also fit our definition of tourist attractions; that disqualified the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We also omitted beaches, bridges, and sites that draw almost exclusively religious pilgrims.

International tourist arrivals increased by five percent in 2013, according to the UNWTO.

That translates to a record of more than one billion trips.

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